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    Lennon was introduced to music at an early age, as his father Ricky La Ricci grew up infatuated by “The Beatles”, and before Lennon’s time also performed live as a frontman and then as a solo performer in both Baltimore and Ocean City, Md. At 8 years old, after only briefly playing guitar, Dad asked Lennon if he wanted to take piano lessons with his life-long friend, and piano virtuoso Jim Jones, who is proud owner of “The Music Workshop” on Baltimore’s very own York Road. After a mere 6 months of lessons, Lennon performed his first show, alongside his Dad, at The Horse You Came In On in Fells Point, Md. As the story goes, post that day, Lennon and Ricky have accompanied each other every weekend, and every show. Currently, Lennon has worked with a variety of talented musicians, such as Baltimore legend Tony Sciuto, and Crack the Sky’s Dave DeMarco on his debut EP entitled “Birds on A Wire” that is set to release very soon. Lennon continues to write music and establish a positive connection with the world in doing so. Bird up.

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