• MUSIC IS OUR LIFE!  Chuggalug is a 100% LIVE band comprised of full-time musicians – we do not rely on sequencers to create our sound.  The Chugg family is blessed to work at public and private events in MD, DC, NoVA, PA and beyond. We cover artists such as Boston, Katy Perry, Zep, Cranberries, Hendrix, Lady Gaga, and more!

    Chuggalug’s PJ wails on powerful lead vocals and wields the electric bass, in addition to filling out the sound on the keyboard.  Chuggalug’s Charlie is a killer creative guitarist with unique vocals. He has earned a living and supported a family his entire life by playing music. Chuggalug’s arsenal of pro drummers includes Phil Brotman of Baltimore, Kim Martin of Fairfax, and Andy Hamburger of Silver Spring. (www.chuggalugband.com)

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