• Dave DeMarco Band

  • The Dave DeMarco Band was formed in 2006 at the request of a local club owner who wanted a new band for Wednesday nights. The mission was clear: give patrons something unique while also satisfying the band's musical cravings. From the outset they created a set list of the more challenging songs which most bands neglected and it didn't take long before other venues got wind and started sniffing around. The DDB calls itself "a 70s-style concert band which just happens to play local watering holes". The description fits. The band's fans (who call themselves "DDBelievers") typically arrange their seats in a semi-circle around the band, creating an intimate setting to witness the concert experience. From the extended improvisations to the well-crafted medleys and segues, this is band fueled by all those great classic rock live albums. The band feels strongly that classic rock isn't just a 70s thing. They've selected a handful of their fav 80s, 90s and modern rock songs which are "instant classics" and which feel right at home in the band's song list. When the mood is just right and the crowd is dancing, you can expect to hear some 70s funk and soul too!

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