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    Think of a mix between Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and Elton John and you’ve got JoshChristina.

    If you’re a fan of 1950’s rock n’ roll, Josh Christina will restore your confidence in the ability of young musicians to carry on the great tradition of rock’s pioneers. Josh Christina writes his own music, refurbishes the classics, and plays a mean piano.  Also, if you get a chance to see Josh and his band live, they create some great excitement with their audience. It’s a testament to Josh’s talents that he can continue to be influenced by the past without ever sinking into parody. Instead, he keeps growing and reaching into new, uncharted territory. Josh Christina is a rock n roll revivalist whose music provides a bridge across generational lines by going backward to move into the future.

    In 2015, Josh’s talents caught the attention of Nashville-based producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton), who immediately got to work with Christina on his sophomore effort. The piano aficionado can be heard on his two Nashville recorded albums, "Good Old Love" and “I’m 21". Both produced by Kent Wells. His single, "Kayla Ann”, charted on the Music Row chart in Nashville and #1 on a couple of Independent charts.

     The infectious sound of modern rockabilly artist Josh Christina hit the international airwaves when he performed live on Ireland's Late Late Show in September of 2016. Not only did it place Josh Christina Music upon the world stage, but also introduced this amazing style and sound to a new generation of music fans, followers and believers.

     He just released his latest album, "Instincts" recorded at the historic Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis. The album was co produced by two time Grammy award winner Jon Carroll (Starland Vocal band) and is being played on college radio stations across the country. 

     “Josh Christina is the future of Rock’n’Roll folks! He plays it the way it was meant to be played. How this 24-year-old musician plays piano with the soul of Ray Charles, the feel of Jerry Lee Lewis, the energy of Elvis Presley and the rhythm of the legendary rock n roll guitar player, Chuck Berry, who all had their biggest hits before he was born, in fact, before his parents were born, is beyond me!"

    — Daryl Davis - Legendary Boogie Woogie piano player and Chuck Berry's musical director for over 25 years.

    "Josh plays piano like Jerry Lee Lewis, sings like Elvis Presley and looks like Buddy Holly"
    --Jon Carroll - Two Time Grammy Award Winner


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