• Orange Wedge

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    Orange Wedge was formed in 1969.  The name was coined by first guitar player Kraig Krixer.  In 1971 the band gained popularity with the addition of Joe Farace on lead guitar joining Don Cowger (bass), Greg Coulson  (vocals) and Tom Rizzo (drums) as a blues rock band.  They recorded 2 albums in 1973 and 74.  On the albums they also featured bass player Gene Ingham, with Jay and Mark from the local band Oho. After a few more changes Wedge moved to the hard rock and progressive sounds which featured Bob Fallin, (guitar), Tom Alonso (keys) and Rob Grant (bass), joining Greg and Tom. The band disbanded in early 1980.  Greg Coulson, Joe Farace, Gene Ingham, Tom Reyes, and Tom Alonzo will reunite and rock the old Seagull Inn once again for Stanstock 2018.

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