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    The Rhythm Surf Monkeys Debuted live for the very first time at Stanstock 2016.  This is a festival we cherish for so many reasons.  We have fully supported The Nicole Van Horn Foundation since our first appearance at Stanstock.   The Rhythm Surf Monkeys are a Two Time Maryland Music Award Nominee.  Their 2017 CD, titled "RSM", was named one of the top 300 Rock Releases of 2017,  Internationally.  The band is currently working on their 5th CD and are projecting a release date of late 2019.  The Rhythm Surf Monkeys are an all original band who continue to grow their audience across the state of Maryland.  Their music has been coined "New Classic" rock for their throwback 1970's / 1980's rock and roll vibe.  Their music speaks to real issues affecting our world today, namely cyberbullying.  Hold onto your seats, RSM will rock you from the very first note they strike.
    RSM is Fronted by Miss Sherry V.  The band was founded in 2012 by guitarists Jim Hiltz and Kyle Reitz.  Newcomer Mike Hamilton joins the band in 2019.  For Stanstock 2019 Drummer Stan Harris sits in for Tom White and guitarist Frank Grocholski steps in for Jeff Bober.  We look forward to kicking off Sundays out door schedule.
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