• Paul Soroka

  • Paul Soroka is a musician who lives near Baltimore. After a freak accident to his chest in 1977 he was lost until finding the lyricon (wind synth) on a record. He called "Computone" near Boston and had an extended conversation with Bill Bernardi. After selling all his saxes he bought a lyricon. In the store he tried to play it but was still very painful but there was a sensitivity knob that, when turned up, would let the lyricon produce a tone without blowing into it. After an hour of running through scales he could feel the "open doors" of insanity, that had been infecting his mind, closing. "Finding that instrument at that time saved my life" Paul has stated. He was invited to play on Larry Bright's "Solar Visions" record in 1978 which helped him make his "comeback" to music.

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