• The Jury

  • The Jury (formerly known as the Hung Jury)

    The Jury is an ever-evolving band begun in 2012 as a project of keyboardist Norm Stone (Kahuna Brothers, State, Dialogue). Norm borrowed several former bandmates from longtime area band, The Kahuna Brothers (John Guthrie (guitar/vocals), Joe Vitrano (guitar/vocals) and Bob Krieger (Sax/vocals) along with former front man of Beyond Logic, Paul Malstrom (guitar/vocals) and then added Nashville piano man, Rick O’Hara (Jack Lord’s Hair, Suburban Buddha), to play a broad range of rock, soul and funk, leaning toward the more musically complex arrangements of Chicago and Steely Dan and difficult harmonies from the Bee Gees, Beatles and Beach Boys, among others. HJ also has a funky streak, as songs from Stevie Wonder, EWF & AWB, among others, will attest.

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